Ear lobe repair surgery is a type of surgery done to eliminate deformities in the ear lobes of a person. It is particularly useful to those people who have suffered damage to their ear lobes due to an accident or those who have stretched or torn out or split ear lobes. It is a quick surgery and very effective. It is of two types flesh tunnel repair surgery and split ear lobe repair surgery.


• Heavy earrings causing the ear lobe to elongate
• Accident
• Torn ear lobes
• Split ear lobes


Both the surgeries; flesh tunnel repair surgery or split earlobe surgery are carried out in a simple way. At the start of the surgery the patient is given a local anesthesia, this helps numb the site of operation.

In a flesh tunnel repair surgery, your surgeon will make an incision in the ear lobe of the patient and remove the affected area. Now the remaining portions of the ear lobe will be sutured together so that the damaged part of the ear lobe will be eliminated.

Split ear lobe surgery is almost the same but with one difference being it is a split ear, also it takes a long time to perform this surgery. But relatively, both almost finish faster. It takes almost 30 minutes to one hour for each ear lobe, depending on the type and size of the ear lobe to be repaired.


Little swelling and redness will be seen post-surgery. Few scars may also be seen on the ear lobe. but it takes about one week to heal from these symptoms.


Patients can go home on the day of the surgery itself, the scars will fade eventually. Few medications will be assisted by the surgeon for a speedy recovery. Even an antibiotic cream can be given to apply on the treated area. After the procedure patient should wait for about 6 months to get their ears pierced again.


The exact cost depends on the individual and varies from case to case. It is suggested to take a personal consultation with the surgeon to get the exact cost.