Fat is taken from other parts of your body (usually belly or thighs) with liposuction. Then this fat is reinjected to the areas [‘;on the face where you wish to have more volume. This procedure is also called as micro-lipo-injection, facial rejuvenation, fat transfer, autologous fat transfer or grafting or fat injection. It is done to achieve a younger looking appearance and also helps in removal of scars.

The areas of the face to which facial fat grafting is done : the under-eyes/tear troughs, cheeks, forehead and nasolabial folds (smile lines/laugh lines).


First step will be collecting fat cells from the donor area. The donor area is area that has excess of fat tissue; donor area is generally the fat around the belly or thighs. The most effective method for the collection of fat cells is liposuction.

Once the cells are collected they are processed to remove impurities and are prepared for injection purpose. Then the fat cells are injected carefully with the help of a needle.


An improvement is seen when the fat cells are added the wrinkles are pumped up or the scars become light within few hours of treatment. Eventually you will notice the improvement in the quality of the skin, in the areas where fat is inserted.


One of the revolutionary technique that is gaining popularity and growing with a good reason is Nano fat grafting. It is also known as micro fat grafting. This is a specialized technique that targets skin areas that are very fine and delicate.

Nano fat grafting is different from structural fat grafting. Nano fat grafting procedure targets fine lines and wrinkles whereas structural fat grafting is used to revive the facial structure, which means restoring overall facial volume. These two procedures are performed together to achieve best results.


The process begins with the donor fat being extracted using a long thin tube, common areas of donor fat are flank, knees, buttocks, abdomen and outer thighs. Now this fat is to be refined into micro level or the Nano level (very small particles of fat). These are much smaller particles than used in structural fat grafts. These particles are spin in a centrifuge (equipment of the laboratory) in order to separate them from any other fluids. It also helps us to select the best quality particles by filtration. Once the filtration or purification is done the fat is injected to the desired areas.

The Nano size fat survival chance is higher. If the fat tissue is larger in size it may affect the blood supply level of the area that underwent surgery.


• It is an effective anti-aging procedure
• Economical
• No allergic reactions
• Correct fine line and wrinkles


It may take 2-3 weeks to recover from swelling after the procedure is done. But the overall best expected results can be seen in about six months because, the new fat takes time to get adjusted to the environment.


Cost varies from case to case, and depends on the area that is being treated. It is suggested to take a personal consultation with the doctor for the exact price.