A person with an expressive face is generally perceived as warm and open; however repeated and over use of facial muscles can result in frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet! An easy and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is Botulinum toxin. It is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures that relax the wrinkle creating muscles to result in a younger, more youthful appearance.

At Divine Proportions we treat frown lines, crow’s feet, vertical lines on the upper lip, perioral lines, or oral commissures and necklines with Botulinum toxin. We also use Botulinum toxin to help prevent the mouth from rising too much and showing the gums.

  • The doctor will first identify the exact place where the Botulinum toxin needs to be filled. For this the patient needs to contract their facial muscles to help the doctor identify the frown lines.
  • Using a small needle the Botulinum toxin injection is directly injected into the muscles that cause frown lines.
  • The actual injection process takes about 10 minutes.

Before / After Images for Botulinum toxin

Frequently Asked questions

What is Botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a purified product produced by a bacterium call Clostridium botulinum.

How does Botulinum toxin work?

Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles.

Does the procedure hurt?

You might have minor discomfort due to the injection.

What results can I expect?

Your frown lines will be smoother giving your face a younger appearance.

What are the expected risks?

A slight discomfort from the injection and perhaps a bruise.

How much does the procedure cost?

You doctor will be able to give you an estimate after examining your skin and determining how many injections of Botulinum toxin you might require.

How long does the effect if Botulinum toxin last?

3- 6 months.