First impressions may not be the last, however they count!
By Rajesh Vasu
Sagging, wrinkled skin, puffy eyes, weak chin, a nose too small or big, any of these can be as unattractive on a man as they are on a woman and could adversely affect a man’s confidence level. Changing times have had a marked impact on men’s attitude towards their own appearance, men are paying more attention to their looks and are willing to do more to maintain a youthful look. They are discovering that cosmetic surgery could be a valuable tool to help them change or improve their appearance.

Cosmetic surgical procedures for men and women are similar however factors inherent to males such as the facial hair pattern necessitate modification of surgical procedures in order to achieve the best possible results. Doctors at Divine Proportions are highly qualified and have the expertise and knowledge of specific issues in male surgery that help male patients achieve the results they desire.