Testimonials from some of our patients

By Rajesh Vasu

I’m extremely thankful to Dr. Rajesh Vasu who with all his patience took me through the entire process of undergoing a Rhinoplasty. I still remember the anxiety I had when had first met him at his clinic. All this was put to rest when he explained to me in detail how the result would be. The staff at Divine Proportions are very caring and don’t forget their patients even 6 months following surgery. I have come to know that they regularly keep in touch with their patients. It is a nice feeling that your doctor is thinking about you.

Ms. Zeba p, Tehran. Iran

Thank you Dr. Vasu for turning back the clock on me! My eyes look much better now. I was rightly recommended by my niece to you. My colleagues back here in London are amazed that this kind of work goes on in India. My best wishes to you for the new clinic you are setting up at jubilee hills.

Mr. Amit Mehta, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Vasu, you have literally given a new lease of life for my daughter. She is now weighing 78 kilos and is physically very active (is following the diet charts and the fitness protocol of your clinic). We wholeheartedly appreciate the services of your entire team right from your anesthetist to your fitness trainer and especially you. You have transformed my daughter. The staged surgery plan of liposuction and breast reduction is worth recommending to every patient who is grossly overweight.

Mr. Amit Mehta, London, United Kingdom

After much of net search and going through the talking yellow pages, I could finally choose my hair transplant surgeon in Dr. Rajesh Vasu, a decision which I rightly made. Honestly the whole process of meeting various doctors was quite confusing with most of them talking of 2000-3000 grafts and cost per graft, etc. I met Dr. Rajesh Vasu after I met one of my friends from Hyderabad who had a hair transplant at his Barkatpura clinic. I was quite impressed with Dr.Vasu as he explained to me in detail the mathematics behind hair transplantation. He sounded very logical and assured me a satisfying result. One thing I liked about the experience was that my entire graft implantation was carried out by Dr. Vasu himself (quite contrary to what I heard about most clinics where it is all done by technicians). I have recommended at least three of my friends at Bangalore to Dr. Vasu. And all of them share the same experience.

Mr. Kiran, Bangalore

Hello Dr. Vasu, greetings from Kazakhstan, I feel very satisfied about my result. My breasts felt a bit too firm initially but after your assurance that it would settle, it took away my worries. My best wishes to you and your lovely staff.

Ms. Elena, Kazakhstan

I am truly lucky to have found Dr.Vasu on the net. My local contact had also recommended me Dr.Vasu. Inspite of my wife having Ehler Danlos syndrome, Dr.Vasu and his team of anesthetists and physicians after a meticulous planning, performed her Abdominoplasty with uneventful recovery. We had very little time at India and we had to get back to Florida for the check visits. The doctors there were impressed with the fine quality of work going on in India.

Mr. Nazeer Khan, Tampa, Florida

Dr. Rajesh Vasu is truly a sculptor. Only a patient of his can understand what I’m saying. It took two pregnancies to disfigure my breasts, a lot of drooping with considerable enlargement. Work, exercise…everything was embarrassing. Met Dr.Vasu and with his assurance took the bold step of undergoing a breast reduction. True to his results, I came to know during one of the post op visits that he was the only plastic surgeon from India to present a paper on refinements in breast reduction at San Francisco, California. Many congratulations to this fine surgeon and hoping to see him scale many more milestones.

Mrs. Sandra, Mumbai